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Storing Whole Dried Soybeans

Nutritional Profile for Whole Dried Soybeans

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Dried Soybeans

Soybeans are another product we grow and harvest. We sell Non GMO white hylum soybeans that you would likely use to make tofu or soymilk.  We also sell regular dried whole soybeans.The United Soybean Board has lots of information on soy products, if you're interested check out the following web address:

Soybeans Come Dried or Green.

Green soybeans are known as vegetable soybeans, or edamame.

Dry soybeans are harvested when fully mature and dry. Green soybeans are harvested just prior to maturity, when they look something like green peas. Green soybeans are tasty and may be eaten as a side dish or snack, in salads and soups, or with other food ingredients.

Storing Whole Soybeans

Whole, dry soybeans may be stored in an airtight container for long periods.

Nutritional Profile for Whole Soybeans

1/2 cup of dry soybeans contains:
149 calories
7.7 grams of fat
14.3 grams of protein

Soybean Recipes Link

Tips for Using Dry Soybeans

Soaking dry soybeans shortens the cooking time and improves flavor. In a large pot, add 6 cups of water for each pound of dry beans. Soak at room temperature for six to eight hours, or overnight. Drain, rinse and cook the beans. (For a quick soak, heat the beansand water to boiling, cook for five minutes, then remove from heat, cover and let stand for one hour.)

Cooking Soybeans

To cook, put soaked beans in a large pot. Add 6 cups of fresh water for each pound of beans and bring to a boil, allowing steam to escape. Do not salt. Reduce heat and simmer for about three hours, until beans are tender. Season soybeans with your favorite herbs.

Home Soymilk Makers

There are a large number of home machines which automate the process of making soymilk. They are easily found on Amazon, and there are reviews for popular models. Some can make other things, like nut milk and juices.  Some are self cleaning. Do your due diligence to find the best model that meets your needs.

Purchase Soybeans

For small orders, use ouronline store Soybeans are listed after the popcorn cases.


We ship small orders via Flat Rate USPS.  For pallet orders refer to SHIPPING VIA LTL carrier page.

Wanting a large quantity (more than 100 pounds), here is some information which hopefully can reduce shipping costs.Shipping costs depend on different factors which we are not expert. Distance to ship is one, your location (in the U.S.) is another, distance from a terminal is important, as is whether you have a business facility or residential, a forklift and dock, or not.

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In the red bowl, Non-GMO white hylum soybeans don't have a dark hylum, as seen on the below picture of regular soybeans (in the blue bowl).

soybeans in bowl

dark hylum soybeans