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Pallet(s), Half-Pallets, (For Totes Please Call)

Instructions for these orders:
1. Contact Carl at 608-335-2829 for current pallet pricing, and
2. Contact your preferred LTL carrier for shipping costs.
3. Call Colleen at 608-669-0800 or email us with your order questions and/or order details,
or fill out the form below.
Prepay shipping through any LTL carrier you choose, they will email us a Bill of Lading.

Note: There is a 10% restocking fee for product return, if buying in bulk it's best to get a sample before ordering.

Do you want to minimize your shipping cost?

These are factors which can imact shipping expenses:
Distance to ship is one, your location (in the U.S.) is another. Your distance from a terminal is important, as is whether you have a business facility or residential, a forklift and dock, or not.


Since the variables can be many and also out of our control, it's best for you to deal directly with freight forwarders (LTL carriers). We have some listed here but may more online you can check out.

One company we like is Select Logistics,. a certified Women's Business Enterprise, Contact: Lisa Edwards, CEO, Tel: 217-935-6543, email lisa@selectlogistics.net, 800-353-9113.

Or contact Brian Watt, Global Sales and Marketing, Tel: 269-372-5771, email brian@selectlogistics.net. They are out of Clinton, IL.

Another company is Echo Global Logistics, Contact Nadia Sawochka, Regional Account Manager, 600 W. Chicago Ave. Suite 725, Chicago, IL 60654: Main: (800) 354-7993, Direct: (312) 488-2694, Fax: (312) 488-2695. www.echo.com.,

More companies listed below, but best to do an online search:

TerraCore Logistics, Contact Kane McConnell, Chief Operating Officer, (800) 918-7406 ext 101, Direct: (404) 941-5053,
Cell: (770) 377-5139, Fax: (877) 949-3229, email: kane.mcconnell@terracorelogistics.com.
Same day pick up available!. Instant rates and scheduling for U.S. and Canada.

Blue-Grace Logistics, contact Jay Sherman, Sales Manager, 444 Washington St. Suite 405, Woburn, MA 01801. Office: 781-460-2130 x203, Cell: 408-702-0757, jsherman@mybluegrace.com.

Bakers Supply Logistics, contact Kelly Herrera, Greenville, WI. Tel: 920-560-3291, kellyh@valleybakers.com.

Meridian Logistics. Contact Lacy Cox, Senior Sales Associate at 1-800-677-1340. Address is 7600 Burnet #150, Austin, TX 78756. Website: www.shippingdiscounts.com.

GST. You may contact GST at 1-800-333-0609. Ask for Becky or Colleen. Becky's e-mail address is becky.rouse@gst-corp.com.

Pacer Global Logistics, address: 6805 Perimeter Drive Dublin, OH 43016. Ask for Angie Bugno, Tel: 614-923-2021, Cell: 614-746-9726, Fax: 614-923-1417, angie.bugno@pacer.com.

Blue Grace Logistics, Contact Tyler Caruso, Sales Manager, Main: (919) 572-9000, Cell: (760) 802-8188, Fax: (919) 572-9004.

Turbo Freight Quote, Contact Scott Woods, Main: (818) 918-8726.

MAC Container Line, Contact Nick Francis, 110 E. Avenida Palizada #301, (949) 273-4344, nick@maccontainer.com






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