Small POPCORN and SOYBEAN orders are shipped via the US Postal Service using Flat Rate boxes.

Under special circumstances we may also ship via UPS/FedEx.

Pallet Orders

Pallet/half pallet orders are shipped via LTL carriers.  Customer is responsible for arranging shipping. Our shipping via LTL carrierr page has information that will assist you in getting an affordable rate. Prices can fluctuate widely and there are many factors which can impact your rate, Factors that are not in our control.

International Orders

See our International Order Page for more information.

Shipping Times

Once your order is received and confirmed, it is USUALLY shipped within 3 business days. If we are harvesting or handling a special project, these times can vary. We thank you for your patience. Larger orders require a longer handling time and are processed per customer specifications.

Bulk Orders that are not Pallet Orders

We now ship bulk orders that are not LTL quantities by USPS large Flat Rate boxes.

Maximizing Value

No matter the weight, the FR boxes cost the same. If you order enough to fill the FR box of the size that you need, that maximizes your value.

We can put 12 pounds in the medium size box, (12.5 pounds if we stuff them just right), the large box can hold 20 pounds, the small FR box can hold 1.5 pounds.

Oxygen Barrier Bags Keep Popcorn Indefinitely

Our product will keep indefinitely in our oxygen barrier bags, especially if you put them in a cool, dry place. Give them as gifts, or place an order with a friend and share the cost  The bottom line is, if we fill the priority flat rate box, you maximize your value.

Link to the USPS Site

If you need to check out the cost of shipping other quantities you can go to the Postal Service rate page.