Want to minimize your shipping cost?

Here is some information which hopefully can reduce this expense for those ordering full or partial pallets. An LTL shipment is generally anything over 80 pounds, but more is better. Generally, USPS large Flat Rate boxes are best for shipping less than 100 pounds.

Shipping costs depend on different factors which we do not control, (like, do you have a dock?). Distance to ship is one, your location (in the U.S.) is another, distance from a terminal is important, as is whether you have a business facility or residential, a forklift or dock. No extra charges will occur from our end as we have a forklift and a dock to load.

Only you

Only you know if you should have your popcorn shipped to a nearby friend or business, or if someone you know has a dock, or if you would prefer to pick up at the carrier terminal, or there is no other solution but to have the trucker bring a lift gate and deliver at your location...

Prepay Carrier

You can prepay shipping through any LTL carrier you choose. Wisconsin Gold Harvest is a business location, we have a dock and forklift for loading.

Bill of Lading

Once you have decided on the LTL carrier, they will send us a BOL (bill of lading) for your shipment.

BELOW IS CONTACT INFO FREIGHT FORWARDERS AND LTL CARRIERS, (not in any order of preference, just a partial listing).

There are many others you can find if you do some research.

One company we like is Select Logistics, a certified Women's Business Enterprise, Contact: Lisa Edwards, CEO, Tel: 217-935-6543, email, 800-353-9113.

Or contact Brian Watt, Global Sales and Marketing, Tel: 269-372-5771, email They are out of Clinton, IL.

A new company contact is: Seth Fulk of Legion Logistics, a service-disabled veteran-owned business. His telephone is 859-384-1726.

Another new contact for LTL shipments is Broc Caruso, 1501 San Elijo Road South, Suite 104-301, San Marcos, CA 92078. Telephone 760 -290-8253, cell is 760-801-4419.

Another company is Echo Global Logistics, Contact Nadia Sawochka, Regional Account Manager, 600 W. Chicago Ave. Suite 725, Chicago, IL 60654: Main: (800) 354-7993, Direct: (312) 488-2694, Fax: (312) 488-2695.

TerraCore Logistics, Contact Kane McConnell, Chief Operating Officer, (800) 918-7406 ext 101, Direct: (404) 941-5053,
Cell: (770) 377-5139, Fax: (877) 949-3229,
Same day pick up available!. Instant rates and scheduling for U.S. and Canada.

Blue-Grace Logistics, contact Jay Sherman, Sales Manager, 444 Washington St. Suite 405, Woburn, MA 01801. Office: 781-460-2130 x203, Cell: 408-702-0757,

Bakers Supply Logistics, contact Kelly Herrera, Greenville, WI. Tel: 920-560-3291,

Meridian Logistics. Contact Lacy Cox, Senior Sales Associate at 1-800-677-1340. Address is 7600 Burnet # 150, Austin, TX 78756. Website:

GST. You may contact GST at 1-800-333-0609. Ask for Becky or Colleen. Becky's e-mail address is

Pacer Global Logistics, address: 6805 Perimeter Drive Dublin, OH 43016. Ask for Angie Bugno, Tel: 614-923-2021, Cell: 614-746-9726, Fax: 614-923-1417,

Blue Grace Logistics, Contact Tyler Caruso, Sales Manager, Main: (919) 572-9000, Cell: (760) 802-8188, Fax: (919) 572-9004.

Turbo Freight Quote, Contact Scott Woods, Main: (818) 918-8726

MAC Container Line, Contact Nick Francis, 110 E. Avenida Palizada #301, (949) 273-4344,

If you place an order with us the information below will be helpful to you: Call Colleen at 608-669-0800 to place a pallet or half pallet order, for a quote only, fill out our bulkquote form


Give our address details,Wisconsin Gold Harvest W3910 Scheel Lane, Helenville, Wisconsin, zip code 53137.
Tell them you need the best rate to get popcorn from us to you. You need to give them the total weight so multiply the bags you want by 50 as they are 50 pound bags. Your order will be on a grocery pallet which 40 x 48 inches.
You should receive a quote right then on the phone, or it will be emailed.
If they need it, popcorn is class 60, NMF classification #73250. 
Mention whether you are a home or business. It's cheaper if you are a business. If you have a straight, easy driveway at your home the easy access for the truck may let you get by with you calling it a business address. If it's a home delivery they have to make extra work by specifying a delivery time, etc. The trucker wants to pull in, have the product unloaded in a flash so he can leave without wasting time.
Mention if you will be unloading by hand or if you have a forklift. Do you need a tailgate on the truck that lowers? That costs extra.
Ask if it is cheaper to pick it up from the terminal yourself.
Think of where else you could have it delivered, a friend who has business with a dock, for instance.
Once you have a shipping quote that is acceptable and want to order our popcorn, have the LTL carrier email the BOL.

See our bulk order formfor additional information.