Want to eat fresh delicious popcorn with only what you put on it?

You've come to the right place. For over thirty years, we have grown and packaged gluten free, non-gmo gourmet popcorn seeds and soybeans. We are the farmers and do it all, there is no middleman.

Here's what one popcorn lover says about our popcorn:

I’ve been making popcorn on the stove since I’ve been a kid...(long time ago)...I have my own popcorn pans, old fashioned heavy duty pots that are just used for popcorn. I recently got your popcorn as a gift and yours is the best tasting I’ve ever had!...and trust me...everyone who knows me knows I’m a popcorn fiend...I’ll be ordering more!..Joan B. Hawley, P.E.  President, Superior Engineering, LLC.

Here's a few more testimonials:

We LOVE your popcorn!!! We make it (almost) every night in our air popper. We typically make the butterfly yellow and sprinkle with nutritional yeast and black pepper. I love how large and crisp the popped kernels are, so much flavor even plain! I could eat it every night for the rest of my life and not get tired of it...Melissa

Love your popcorn varieties! Ever since we ordered a variety for my daughters science project we keep coming back. Sincerely, Torger Reppen

I love your popcorn!! It's the best I've ever had...David Conison

Try it and see!


Recipe Ideas.

Did you know that most microwave popcorn has saturated fat and additives that you probably aren't aware of and probably don't want?

Popping in a microwave also requires a special metal in the bag so the temperature can get high enough to pop the popcorn. Not to mention toxic flavorings and the volatile adhesives in the bag itself. Even if they call it a natural flavoring it's not natural. It's always best if you can spell the ingredients and know what they are.

Popcorn is a whole grain, Link here for nutrition information.

MIX AND MATCH; Get what you like, we have half lb, have bulk quantities. Favorites of many include Ruby Red, Midnight Blue and our Pearly White.

More info on pallet orders here

We have soybeans for making your own soymilk and tofu, always better fresh from home appliances readily available.
We have some great recipes for other ways to use dried soybeans.

OXYGEN BARRIER PACKAGING: We package our hybrid and heirloom varieties in oxygen barrier bags so they stay fresh indefinitely. At home we pop in an air popper so nothing interferes with the taste, then add toppings.

LOW CALORIE WHOLE GRAIN SNACK: For the best popcorn make it fresh on the stove or with an electric popper. It's a whole grain snack with few calories if you only add salt or herbs. Want to get the kids out of their rooms? You'll be a people magnet wherever you are for the smell alone!
Link herefor info on our hull-less varieties.

Popcorn Craving?

Popping and fun popcorn facts.

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Make Soymilk & Tofu

Flavor and sweeten as you like!

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Popcorn Gifts

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Popcorn Craving?

Popping and fun popcorn facts! Visit here.

Make Soymilk & Tofu

Flavor and sweeten as you like! Learn more.

Popcorn Gifts

"American Blend" and more gifts. See here.